We love tea and want to share our passion with you! Over the years we have discovered great teas, products and methods of enjoying tea and we wanted to create this website to allow us to share that knowledge. We also realize that you could probably get a few college degrees on the subject of tea and so, hope you will share with us as well, all that you know and love about tea. Tea is better when its shared and that is exactly our intention. Please sit back and enjoy a cup with us while you brows our tea shop for great teas and products we recommend, read our blog and comment on what you think, but most of all just take a moment to enjoy the moment. We believe one of the most important parts of having tea is that it forces us to pause in life, relax and just be. 

Not only do we love tea but we also love adventure. Please feel free to check out one of our other great websites, AdventureWisdom.com, and find videos to help you experience adventure at its best. Also check out our new children's book, Symphony of Surprise, that will entertain, educate and inspire the little ones in your life.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our website,

The Germain Family

Joshua Upsidedown

Laura Kraus with baby Joshua

Snow Cave Family

Brian Germain Laura Kraus Joshua
Brian Germain with Joshua


Brian Germain Laura Kraus Exit

Brin Germain Laura Kraus Summit

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